Billy Libby

Billy Libby is a songwriter, producer, guitarist and singer based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Portland, ME, Billy Libby achieved national airplay and began showcasing for labels while still a teenager, becoming recognized by many in the music industry for his songwriting. Currently Billy is an active songwriter, producer and instrumentalist in New York City. He has worked with artists like Bess Rogers, Novelette, Wakey! Wakey!, Lelia Broussard and producers including Jim Wirt. He is currently signed as a writer with Intrigue Music (James Brown, Patrick Watson) publishing and released an EP called Pitter Patter in 2011. Currently he will be joining Ingrid Michaelson on her US tour in support of her new album, "Lights Out". Ingrid Michaelson has a long and successful career with her most recent release “Human Again”  reaching #5 on the Billboard Top 200 and #1 on iTunes album charts. Billy also will be releasing a new solo record in the coming year.

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