Marcelo Rosa

Since my childhood, I use art as a way to express myself. At first, I drew, then I ventured in oil painting until finally at age 14, inspired by vinyl records from my older brother, I had contact with a musical instrument.

Shortly after learning the first chord, I started composing some songs. The desire to improve my knowledge, and thus acquire different tools that would allow me to express myself in a versatile manner in the instrument led me to study with several teachers, including Denis Warren, Edu Ardanuy, and Lupa Santiago.

From 2004, I started playing professionally, participating in various musical projects of varying styles, which enabled me to play in small pubs, concert halls and major festivals.

Composing was something that was always accompanying me and I had the opportunity to practice it in many projects I participated, but still I had not registered the union of my main influences in a single work. From this desire, arise my first instrumental work titled "Synthesis", released in July 2013, which merge Rock / Metal with rhythms of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Since 2004 I teach guitar lessons. The experience of teaching was certainly a fundamental factor in my development, both professional and personal, because music can be an interesting tool in the process of self-knowledge, presenting benefits in other areas of life. An oriental proverb defines my experience as a teacher in a way that I find very interesting: "Students are teachers and teachers are students."

Currently I teach at GTR Instituto de Mzsica (Florianspolis/SC) and Fusion Escola de Mzsica (Sco Josi / SC), and I am promoting my first instrumental work through concerts, workshops and master classes.


Marcelo Rosa - Smntese [EP] (2013)
Heavy Metal Machines (Game) - Original Soundtrack (2013)
Fortress - Amirica [EP] (2013)
Fortress - Shatter This Prison [EP] (2011)
Mindborn - Searching For Dreams [Single] (2008)

Artist's Gear

ReEcho, Esemble King, Solo, Green Mile, Baby Tuner, Firefly Case

Artist's Gear
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