Kolor is a Hong Kong based popular rock band, with vocalist and guitarist Sammy, guitarist Robin, bass Ko Fung and drummer Michael which was formed in 2005. The name Kolor came from the phrase COLOR, meaning that their music and character of individuals and innovative ideas, want a different color to bring greater impact for the Hong Kong music scene.

Kolor debut

Kolor was established since 2005, formed by member’s from former local bands Lam Kee, Tat Flip and Nothing None, hoping to form a unique musical style, Kolor’s music was appreciated and then was signed by musician Wong Ka Keung (Bass player of Hong Kong’s famous band BEYOND). In 2007, their debut album [COLOR], awarded KOLOR the top 3 most popular band by The Commercial Radio 903, and has been given high attention. In 2009, Kolor’s second album SURREALISM contained a collection of works including the radio hit "Besieged City", "helpless" and other songs, their style has also matured and had more opportunities for large-scale performances.

2010: full-speed development period

After years of hard work and experience accumulated a series of performances, on August 6, 2010 KOLOR released their third album Independence and in Hong Kong Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center held their first solo concert "Independence Live", causing a very positive response. Their hit singles "find cause and effect" and "semi-song," has had a high radio rate, their third single "right or wrong" was also featured by Hong Kong female artist Candy Lo. In December 2010, their 4th album “As Simple As” was released, the new singles including "passing", "day of that year" also had great response.

November 2010, Kolor officially announced the 24K concert, joined with Hip Hop group 24HERBS, a flavor of of HIP HOP+Rock music styled combinations concert which was held on December 21 2010 in Hong Kong’s Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre Star Hall, for the first time landing more than three thousand spectators stage, the band became an important milestone since their band was formed.

And in December 2010, the band was invited to participate withmany local bands to attend Taiwan's large-scale music festival "The Simple Life Festival", boosting out of Hong Kong to perform, KOLOR’s musical territory continued to expand outwards.

2011: The new song title was recognized

February 2011, the title song "Foolish Old Man" won them their first Top 1 single at Hong Kong’s RTHK’s billboard, the other main single "Philadelphia Experiment" was chosen by TVB to be the theme song of programme ”Kung Fu Star” and also to get the Top 1 single at the "Jade Solid Gold" music programme. The band held the second concert "Kolor Now Loading Concert 2011" on the 23rd to 24th July 2011, and released their fifth album [change] again, to lay a booster.

Kolor Now Loading concert grand success

With Kolor’s fifth album released, on August 20 2011, KOLOR performed at Guangzhou and participated with Candy Lo, beginning to enter the mainland market.


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