Fadzil Abdul Wahab

Born early 70ies in the Island of Penang, Fadzil Wahab, a lead guitarist and a backup Singer for HYDRA since 2008 is performing in reputable clubs now like the Social bar, tea club, Backyard Hartamas in the Kuala Lumpur regions and Wikiki Bar, Laundry Bar and Dirty Nelly’s in Petaling Jaya to name a few.

Fadzil music career started in 1989 in the island of Penang together with his first performing band, the SAGA. In his early career as a musician, he also played with the Deep valley band, rock society band and Fat Albert & the Kids performing in the southern region of Malaysia.

In 1992, Fadzil and his band ventured into central and southern region of Malaysia labelling themselves as the Sound Factor Band playing for the first time in Shark’s Club and Base 2 in Kuala Lumpur; Jurassic Pub in Johor and Zak’s Disco in Petaling Jaya.

Fadzil’s natural talent for music was bought to the next level when he joined PLAY BY EAR in 2009 and improved exponentially in 2012 during his lessons at EVOLUTION.

With his love for Rock Music and Guitars, Fadzil’s fondest guitars was his Ibanez SZR series, the Shechter Diamond series and his James Tyler Variax Line 6 guitar with a Zoom G9.2tt guitar pedal.

With HYDRA band, Fadzli is currently recording an album to be released by December 2012.

It was also with the HYDRA band that he collaborated withToki, Erra Fazira and Ning Baizura as their musicians.

Before joining HYDRA band, Fadzli performed with the Havoc band rocking the stages of Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Café, Thai Club, Aloha, Sunshine, Rum Jungle, Garage, Club 18 and Social in Kuala Lumpur.

Upon request, Fadzli and this band can be seen performing in Merdeka Palace Hotel, Kuching, The Wharf, Petaling Jaya, Swing, Kuantan, The Pub at Holiday Inn Glenmarie and Pure Bar and Rally Club, Melaka.

In 1994 – 2003, Fadzil performed with a few bands such as the Flying Colors, Shocking Asia Band, Funk Asia Band and Adam & Outrageous as a lead guitarist and backup singer covering Pinang, Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Johor Bahru and Pahang clubs and hotels.

In 1998 with the Flying Colors, Fadzil recorded a few album under the FMC namely the Battle of Metal Volume I, Volume II and Rentak by the Flying Colors.

Fadzil plays Rock with a soul. Listen to his solo and it you can feel a chill down to your bones.

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