Marina Takahashi

In 2010 Marina was invited to join DOMINATRIX. A very active Hardcore band. The band released four records and two split‐albums. The band had their “NE‐Tour” documented by MTV‐Brazil:
1st segment:
2nd segment:

DOMINATRIX appeared on ‘Radiola – Trama Virtual’ broadcasted on Rede Cultura – TV which is also available on the internet and had lots of downloads



Since  DOMINATRIX  has  been playing  in  so  many  different  cities, Marina started to give a Guitar Clinic called “Guitar 101”. This clinic is a three hour guitar class for beginners. Usually, in  groups  of  six  aspiring  guitarists having  their  first  contact  with  the instrument.

In 2013, Marina worked on the soundtrack for the documentary “4 Minas” making new arrangements for old Dominatrix songs playing unusual instruments for Hardcore music.

Marina is specialized in extended range guitars (7 and  8  strings)   and   also   maintains   her   YouTube channel: Marina’s plans for the 2015 are: record DOMINATRIX’ 20th anniversary DVD and gather her best guitar playing material to release a solo album.

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