Joao Castilho

Born in Rio de Janeiro, the guitarist (electric and acoustic ) Jo?o Castilho start playing at 9 years old. He already performed with names like: Maria Bethania (where can be seen on DVDs Maricotinha, Brasileirinho e Tempo, Tempo, Tempo, Tempo), Djavan ( where can be seen on DVD Ao Vivo), Ed Motta (which also was the music director), Lisa Nilsson (very well known Sweedich singer all over Scandinavia ), Ivan Lins, Eumir Deodato, Roberto Carlos, Simone, Leny Andrade, Sandra de Sá (which also was the music director), Nana Caymmi, Zé Renato, Sandy e Júnior, Mads Vinding (danish bass player with who formed a duo), among others.
In '98 he released his first cd called “EQUILIBRIUM”. In collaboration with bass player André Rodrigues and drummer Renato “Massa” Calmon, Jo?o Castilho published by Lumiar the guitar version of  the book “Toque Junto”. With the same musician plus the saxophonist Marcelo Martins, Castilho forms the group FOCO, which had its first cd released in 2001 and the second, “Tempo Bom com Chuva” in 2007 by the record label Dubas .
Castilho also published by HMP, a book called “Estudando Improvisa??o - a teoria explorada de forma musical”. A new way of dealing with the study of improvisation.
Recently Castilho released, by the record label BR-12, his new CD “PERCEP??ES” brings 10 new songs which were inspired or served as inspiration for photos. Mixed by Torcuato Mariano, the cd brings special guests as the pianists Fernando Moura, Jo?o Carlos Coutinho, Paulo Calasans e Renato Fonseca, the bassists Jefferson Lescowich and R?mulo Gomes and the saxophonist Marcelo Martins.

Jo?o Castilho is deeply involved with rhythm and melody. He is a guitarist who has fluency in many music styles, a musician who built a solid link between music and his instrument, always concerned in keeping this relationship free of any conflict. "I play as if singing, trying to use the same nuances of a human voice or a wind instrument" say Castilho. This thought shows a musician who has a commitment to music before he has to his instrument. Free of music prejudices, he is open to any kind of music that comes to him.

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