Walter Cerasani

Walter Cerasani is born in Abruzzo (Italy) in 1969 and began playing at the age of 16 years. Very soon he becomes part of some pop local band. From this time, as self taught, he develops an intense musical activity that will drive him to get interested about different musical genres and styles (pop, blues, jazz, rock, funky....). Since the early '90 and for more than 15 years he plays around Italy touring with many bands and also recording in studio for several projects. In 2007 he starts to collaborate with some american artists, touring in Europe, Asia And America. Main national and international collaborations are with: Luca Giordano, Nicola Costa, O.R.O., Eric Guitar Davis, Peaches Staten, Stan Skibby, Nellie Tiger Travis, Russ Green, Leburn Maddox, Tim Mitchell, Quique Gomez, Demetria Taylor, Zakya Hooker, Krissy Matthews, Steve Zee and Neil Zaza in whose band he joined with as official bassist, participating in some videoclips, recording also in the last three records and in a live DVD. Currently he continue his tour activity performing in several european, american and asian stages with many international artists.

He is endorser of Meridian Bass. 

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Baby Tuner/ Reecho/ Ensemble King /Pure Octave / Eleclady

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