Sean O'Bryan Smith

Sean O'Bryan Smith is an award winning fim composer, bassist to the stars, internationally acclaimed recording artist and record producer. As a professional musician, Sean is considered to be one of the elite bass players around the globe and has recorded with over 100 major and independent artists worldwide including Keith Urban, Vince Gill, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Rogers, Kevin Max, Gavin DeGraw, Larry Carlton, Neil Zaza, George Clinton and the list goes on and on. This led to his highly successful career as a contemporary jazz artist and record producer with critical acclaim and top charting singles around the globe with his multiple releases for Australian record label Wolf Entertainment. As a film composer, Sean has rapidly become one of the most in demand new talents in the industry with current project releasing in the US, Canada and India. in 2013, he won the Favorite Composer award from Faith Flix. He is highly involved with secular and faith based films in the US with over a dozen releases in the past year alone. He's also very active in the highly productive Indian film industry with releases in New Delhi and Bangalore and he is the core composer and musical consultant for the Indian Independent Film Alliance. His Canadian work with the Multi-award winning director Patricia Chica, has placed his scores in some of the top festivals worldwide including the prestigious Festival de Cannes, HollyShorts Film Festival, Rhode Island International Fim Festival, Oaxaca International Film Festival and many more.  
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