“The Reds” is the only suitable phrase for the smooth, sensuous style of guitar playing that Craig T. Cooper has mastered. Not all blues, not all jazz, Craig T. is the “The Uncola of Jazz” and just plain “Funky-Sexy” Craig T. Cooper is a recording artist, producer, songwriter, arranger, M.D., sound engineer, programmer, mix and re-mix master, owner of CRAIGLAND Studios, LA and an all around damn good musician. His credits are endless and his experience is invaluable. So let’s start at the beginning….Who is Craig T. Cooper?
Craig T. Cooper, the youngest of seven children, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. As a young child he exhibited signs of immense musical talent. His musical talents first became apparent at the tender age of four. Soon after he began cello lessons, he hoped to follow in his brother Ron’s footsteps, who is a world-renowned cellist. Craig’s thirst for music was unquenchable and he progressed from cello to the trumpet, drums, and piano and finally guitar – his instrument of choice. Not only did he have a unique aptitude for the guitar it didn’t take long for him to establish his own identity as a studio musician and soloist. Combined with his creative flair and electronic background, Craig became a force to be reckoned with early in his music career.

Whew! Did I get it all? I’m sure I left something out but if you want to get some serious sounds first hand, contact Craig T. on his web-site…… WWW.CRAIGTCOOPER.COM or E-mail DARKMN_CRAIGT@MSN.COM and take a look/listen/chat for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!!!

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