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King Ly Chee was formed in May 1999 fueled by the fire and passion of a form music called 9core. In 1999, the music climate of Hong Kong was an unhealthy world of cover bands passing themselves off as “hardcore” or “metal” while belting out tunes by Limp Bizkit. The founder of King Ly Chee, Riz, had enough and one day, he decided that it was time that someone set the record straight on what “hardcore” truly implies. He set off on the mammoth task by releasing a bilingual zine called Start From Scratch that included interviews, essays and CD reviews of world-renowned punk, metal and hardcore bands. As the wheels were turning for Start From Scratch, Riz sat back and realized that words were not enough, kids in Hong Kong needed to hear, feel and see “hardcore” in action to fully absorb the impact. King Ly Chee was the result..

This band has tirelessly continued down this mission for over 15 years now through their sheer determination and passion for hardcore, they have taken their sounds, energy and hearts to surrounding Asian countries, and Europe, helping establish the name “King Ly Chee” as a truly Asian band.

In the past 15 years they have let no obstacle come in their way when it comes to touring. With all members knee-deep in full-time day jobs, they jump at any open opportunity they get to perform outside of Hong Kong.

King Ly Chee had opened for the following bands: Sick of it All, Korn, NOFX, Comeback Kid, Terror, Horse the Band, Bane, Have Heart, Envy, Naiad, No Turning Back, Himsa, Rambo, 100 Demons, Reflector, The Bouncing Souls, FC Five, 100 Demons, Die Young TX

In January 2012 King Ly Chee released their third studio album "Time Will Prove". It was 8 years since their second album "Stand Strong" was released. "Time Will Prove" is a double CD digipak that includes all English album as well as all Chinese album. The album was recorded at their own studio by guitarist Brian Wong and it was then sent to US for Zack Ohren (All Shall Perish, First Blood) to mix and master.

To celebrate their 15th year, King Ly Chee released a new album entitled "CNHC" at the end of 2014.

In September and October 2015, King Ly Chee went on an Asian tour with Sick of it All, one of their biggest influences. Lou Koller of Sick of it All previously added vocals to the track Lost in a World and even performed with King Ly Chee on stage at one of their concerts in Hong Kong.In July 2016 King Ly Chee will have their first ever US tour supporting their heroes Sick Of It All.

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