In 2012 Sparrow released their debut album “Rainbow Mountain.” The title of the album describes how anybody can reach anyplace, as long as they possess the endless desire for freedom and make full use of their creativity.

With the release of “Rainbow Mountain” and the band’s subsequent tour across all of the major cities in China,Sparrow extended its range of influence from Beijing to across all of China. This influence even reached outside of China and across the globe, as “Rainbow Mountain” appeared on dozens of lists for post-rock album of the year throughout the world, a feat extremely rare for a Chinese rock band.

Very comfortable in their own skin, Sparrow does not change or lose themselves when in front of huge audiences or large concert halls. Sparrow prefers to take audience members on a musical journey.

The band’smusic describes their lives and the city they live in, and lets their audience feel it the way they do. When practicing in the rehearsal studio, Sparrow often turn out the lights and practice in pitch black, and let the music take control.

In 2014 Sparrow released the single “The Man Who Watches Scenery,” and after a lapse of a year and a half and a line-up change, Sparrow has returned with an enhanced enthusiasm and more defined and powerful approach to their already genre-defining musical style. The band is smiling more and loves creating music, and is using simpler methods to create songs that are stronger and have a more rich impact emotionally.

The album “The Man Who Watches Scenery” was released in May 2015, and upon uploading the single “Geese” (“大雁”) to online music platforms, it reached 500,000 plays within 3 days. Domestic and international critics alike (including Hsieh Yu Gang, Yuan Zhicong, Lin Maowang, etc.) have all praised the release.

Additionally, CCTV’s “Cultural High Noon” television program highly recommended “The Man Who Watches Scenery,” in turn displaying Sparrow’s continued development as a band and reach across the Chinese independent music scene.Fly across the rainbow mountain, sitting atop the wings of Sparrow, and look down on the beauty of the land.

History of Sparrow
2011: “Move Movie” included on the Handshak
2011: Japanese post-rock band miaou China to
2011: Swedish post-rock band Moonlit Sailor C
2012: “Rainbow Mountain” nationwide China to
2012: Swedish post-rock band PG.Lost Beijing
2012: “King-Size China” end of summer show,
2012: “An Evening with Sparrow” ‒ Beijing show
2013: Famous U.S. post-rock band This Will De
2014: British post-rock band Maybeshewill Chi
2014: Beijing Modern Sky Music Festival
2014: Famous Taiwanese post-rock band Eleph
2014: Beijing Strawberry Music Festival
2015: Swedish post-rock band Dorena China to
2015: “The Man Who Watches Scenery” EP rele
2015: New EP “The Man Who Watches Scenery
Changsha, Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming)

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