Toy Captain

Toy Captain is a band that uses the dialect of Nan'ao Island of Chaoshan to sing songs. Their music combines folk, pop and reggae elements , plus the taste from the sea , it forms a unique style of music with a true and touching flavor. Toy Captain’s creative inspiration is deriving from the traditional folk music culture along the coast of Nan'ao Island, Shantou.

The contents of their work are about the stories of the local islanders and the sea. Their music is traditional yet not rigid, the lyrics of their songs are full of poetic meaning, their shows are highly infectious; every live show will lead the chorus , and the fans spontaneously react by "pushing train “. The scene has become one of the highlights of their live performances. In June 2014, Toy Captain formally signed with the indie label Zen Music under Starsing Music Group.

Like a long-lost playmate of you, an old photo album you are not willing to discard, a micro-film between fishermen and the sea, they wear straw hats and sandals, pulling up the accordion, singing sea songs, dancing, just like in a casual corner, a sea breeze is blowing with the salty taste of the sea.

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