Hideaki Yamakado

In 2014 Hideaki won the best shred prize in Japanese guitar contest " GIT MASTERS 2014 “.

In March 2015 Hideaki won the first prize in a Young Guitar magazine contest sponsored by Glenn Proudfoot " Bam “.

April 2015 , he accepted an endorsement contract with the silver accessories brand " Fortunato " .

Articles were also written by Hideaki and have been published in the guitar magazine " road legato and tapping to the shred guitarist " between the four months of the

2015 July - October issue.between the four months of the 2015 July - October issue .In November 2015, he accepted an endorsement contract with the guitar maker " Truth " based in Aichi Prefecture .In July 2016, he accepted an endorsement contract with the guitar strings brand " SIT Strings “ .

Form a Jazz,Fusion band M.O.E 「Mass Of Ego」 with Yoshihiro Ogasawara  and Atsushi Sakamoto .(We will do a Japanese tour at the end of this month).In Janually 2017,He became a "Chicken Picks Guitar Picks” Artist .

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April 3 Chanson Live at Setogamiyama "Born Free”.
May 14, (Saturday) at Shinjuku OREBAKO "The 7th IRUKA ☆ MSC Session Live”.
May 15, Sponsored Live at Shinjuku Nishiguchi Store at Music Building.
May 28, (Sat) Ashiya Bar Festival .
Jun 29, Jazz Live with Ko-soku Kobe ’Negikura’
July 16, 2nd host session Shibuya Ekimae music building.
July 18, "TOTO CHAZZ 2016" appeared in the opening act.
July 29, I played a guitar duo with Mr. Sakamoto guitarist “Negikura"
August 28, Appear in prefectural Ashiya high school guitar research department summer live.
September 16, Bassist Tomoya Iwashiro support live.
September 30, Live at Ko-soku Kobe “Negikura".
October 2, Appeared at the Tenma Music Festival .
October 9, Appeared on Motomachi Music Week  .
October 23, Appear in Ashiya High School alumni association jazz live at Ikuta Shrine Hall.
December 11, Cast appeared on the high-speed Kobe "Negikura" at the session host.
December 26 Live at the Ko-soku Kobe 'Negikura’

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