Urgent Announcement 2013/4/8

To all of our valued customers:

Recently, our Company has received many complaints from customers about having bought substandard goods from some webs like: Marcnart, stringdeals, pedaldeals, wtfaccessorie and so on, where they offer several products similar in appearance to our ‘Micro’ pedal range. We have tried to contact with them, but all went unanswered. In recognition of this unfortunate situation, and to help ensure you are purchasing an original Mooer product, we would like to suggest the following information be considered when purchasing Mooer products online;

Please check that you are buying from an official Mooer dealer or distributor. If in doubt, visit our Website www.mooeraudio.com where you will find the name of the official distributor for your country. You can then contact them and check with them if the seller is an officially authorized re-seller.

When purchasing online, check that the price you are paying for your product is broadly in line the suggested retail price in your country. Sadly, if something seems ‘too good to be true’ it often is. If the price is far too cheap then the chances are the product you are buying is not a genuine Mooer pedal.

If you are still in doubt, ask the seller can they provide a full warranty with the product as well as full technical support in the event of any problems. Often counterfeit products will not have any guarantees and the seller will be unable or unwilling to correspond with you with regards to any unsatisfactory issues, complaints or consumer rights you might have. And Mooer only will supply after-sales service to our dealers and distributors.

Finally, much time and effort is spent when developing Mooer products. The performance of our products and the satisfaction of our customers are paramount to our Company.  Here at Mooer we strive to provide the very best products at the best possible prices. We feel that by taking the simple steps outlined above, customers will reduce the risk of buying either counterfeit of substandard products and being disappointed at the eventual outcome.

Thank you for your continued support and please keep checking our website for exciting new products.

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