[New]Mooer Neil Zaza Signature Pedal --- The Juicer 2013/10/28

Hi What's up everyone, It's Neil Zaza, Hoping you are doing well.I am here to talk to you about something very very excited about something that is brand new for me; It is my signature pedal by MOOER, It's called THE JUICER. It's an overdrive pedal.Now I just want to talk about for a qucik second and give you a kind of low down on it .People are asking what it is based on, it's based on one of my favourite pedals,the DOD juice box, i think that's not a very well known pedal for overdrive, But it's been a real big important part of my tone for years,Because it just gives enough overdrive, that just can keeps your amps sweet and stand that I love so much. a lot of people use overdrive pedals for the extra overdrive sound that wanna a clean amp, and kick on their distortion pedal, and that's what they get the driven sound. This is actually design how are you using the overdrive pedal, which is i already have my gain, my amps,
all my amps are really really great. i just wanna a little kick, a little actual juice, and that's it's coming. So it's very quiet, it's very clean, and i've just worked through a little bit. True bypass switch, the yellow knob is actually the juice knob, which is just the gain knob, then we also have the low, have the high, so we have two band EQ wanted. the center one is actually a level control, so if you want the overdrive (amp) a little bit,there is what you could do with that. some kind of cool, a little yellow LED, not plug in right now, but that's exactly what it is. and of course, t's with all the Mooer pedals. come on, how cool this is. It's so small, fix on any pedal board. It could be something i think you guys will really really gonna enjoy. So this is the juicer by Mooer , it's my signature pedal. That is my first one. If you have other things that we're talking about (doing when), but i think you're gonna really like it. So i will (meet u) in the Shanghai Music China. it's just a few weeks ago at October, hope to see you there. If you are in China, if you are not, it will release some time soon, so the Juicer.



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