Neil Zaza Arrive At BeiJing For CG3 Tour 2012/5/23

Beijing city, May 23th, American guitar hero Neil Zaza arrived at BeiJing in the afternoon. As a leading player, he will take part in CG3 deluxe tour with another guitar hero Andy James and other Chinese first-rank guitarists in 4 China city: ShenYang, ChangChun, HaErBin, andDaLian.

Neil became Mooer's friend at winter NAMM 2012, he was deeply attracted by the Micro series pedals at Mooer's boot. When he saw the Micro pedals at first view, he was interested in the small and exquisite appearance, but when he had a try to play these pedals, he was really shocked by the sound, he loves these pedals!

After NAMM show, Neil kept in friendly touch with Mooer, he had brought some helpful advice to the tone improvement of Micro Pedals. Actually, he has already owned a lot of Micro pedals and use them in the live show, this time, he puts 3 Micro series pedals on his pedal board as his primary effects which includes Hustle Drive(Distortion), Ensemble King(Chorus) and Ninety Orange(Phaser).

Let's have a glimpse of Neil Zaza's style and feel the charming sound of Mooer Micro Pedals during the CG3 tour 2012 in China!

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