Mooer 54 Micro Pedals Worldwide Commemoration 2014/9/27

We are giving away 140 pedals to celebrate the release of MOOER 54th Micro pedal.

For this celebration we decided to do a photo contest, which is open to everybody, to participate you  just need to take a picture of you with any of MOOER pedals, upload it to the contest tab in our Facebook page and share it with your friends so they can vote.

The owner of 4 most voted pictures each week will receive a prize that includes a new Micro pedal (selected by the winner), a MOOER T-Shirt and a deck of commemorative cards featuring all of MOOER Micro pedals.

There is no penalty for posting every week – in fact we encourage it! (Except for winners, each participant can only win once in all contests).

The submission and voting periods for each contest last from Monday (00:01 a.m. UTC/GMT-5 hours) through Saturday (11:59 p.m. UTC/GMT-5 hours).

Detail information please refer to Facebook: Youtube:

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