Mooer Skyverb 2014/2/19

Mooer SkyVerb reverb pedal:
The SkyVerb is a True Bypass classic sounding reverb pedal with 3 high quality modes: Studio, Church and Plate in a small package that fits any pedalboard.

Dedicated Decay, Mix and Tone knobs allow full control over the most important parameters to achieve diverse reverb sounds and add dimension to your playing.
This pedal creates spatial effects emulating the acoustics of different environments with incredible detail and great lush tone.

Decay: the size of the room and length of the reverberation.
Mix: controls amount of effect applied to the signal.
Tone: adjusts the brightness of the effect.
Mode Switch: chooses between three different types of reverb.
True Bypass Footswitch: turns the effect on and off and the Bright LED indicates the pedal status

Three reverb modes: Studio/ Church/ Plate
Studio: warm & natural indoor reverb, and the decay knob can show differentsizes of indoor reverb effects
Church: church reverb, empty and smooth natural reflex reverberation
Plate:plate reverb, let the steel or gold tinsel vibrate and get the man-made
mixed sound by refering to the vibration frequency

Full metal shell
Very small and compact design
True bypass switch
DC 9V adapter power supply

Input : 1/ 4”monaural j ack (impedance: 470k Ohms   )
Out put : 1/ 4”monaural jack (impedance: 100 Ohms)
Power Requirement s: AC adapt er 9 V DC (center minus plug)
Current Draw:128 mA
Dimensi ons: 93. 5mm (D) × 42mm (W) × 52mm (H)
Weight : 170g


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