First Month Review of the MOOER 54 Micro Pedals Worldwide Commemoration 2014/11/11
After the first month of Mooer’s 54 pedal worldwide commemoration, we’ve had 16 winners, 4 per week, with each of them receiving a new Micro pedal, a MOOER T-Shirt and a deck of commemorative cards.

So far we’ve had winners from USA, Italy, Australia, Philipines, Belgium, Mexico and Colombia, which makes our celebration a true worldwide commemoration, but we still have many pedals for the upcoming contests and more countries. The next winner could be you!

So go ahead and take a picture with any of MOOER products, upload it to the contest tab in MOOER Facebook page and share it with your friends so they can vote. The celebration lasts till next April, so all you have to do is ask your friends to help you out.

Here are all the first month Winners:

The first two lucky ones who already got the prizes are Anjo Tabios from Philippines and Jake Short from Austrilia.

Congratulations !

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