Guitarist ChenLei from the Band “Tang Dynasty” becomes Mooer’s brand spokesman 2015/4/29

Guitarist ChenLei, from one of the most famous Chinese rock bands “Tang Dynasty”, has officially signed up with Mooer audio and become one of Mooer’s brand spokesmen. He is the first Chinese artist who visits Mooer’s headquarter in ShenZhen after American Guitar Hero Neil ZaZa. During the visit, he had tried many of Mooer’s pedals and highly praised the tone and function of these pedals.

ChenLei had also been given the first officially released wah pedal-The Wahter, from the production line.

ChenLei is the best and the hottest metal musician and modern electronic guitarist in China. His personality, as his music, is natural and low profile. ChenLei has employed modern guitar technique such as shredding, string tapping, sweeping picking, tremolo technique in his playing. His guitar melody is fresh, clear, graceful and very touching while his metal guitar riff is heavy enough to rock. He has created so many classic guitar RIFF in his albums. The experienced skill he possessed and the tension of his music along with his dedication to live performance have made him the standard model for the new generation of professional musicians.

Based on his own musical style, ChenLei is using these Mooer equipments:

PB-10       PedalBoard

Green Mile   Overdrive

Cruncher     Distortion

Hustle Drive  Distortion

Noise Killer   Noise Gate

Micro Power  Power Supply

Repeater     Delay

Reecho Pro   Delay

Skyverb      Reverb

FC-2         Guitar Cable

The Wahter.  Wah Pedal

Green Mile, as Mooer’s early star product, has received a worldwide usage and highly pursued by lots of guitarists. It has also become ChenLei’s choice. Reecho Pro ,as one of the members in MOOER’s new series—Twin Series,has received great attention before official release and it is the result of Mooer’s engineers’ two-year hard work. Lastly, The Wahter is an important coming- soon product by Mooer. It utilizes a new technology and inherits the mini size tradition, all these features is symbolizing the revolution of the wah pedal.

Green Mile

2 Working Modes:Warm/Hot
Warm: Reconstruct a warm tube drive tone and nice dynamic response of classic tube amplifier, it provides a natural, smooth, creamy overdrive sound
Hot: More powerful output than Warm mode, mighty crunch tone
Full metal shell
Very small and exquisite

True bypass

Reecho Pro

While Reecho and Shimverb are selling pretty hot, we are actually preparing for the birth of its next generation. After several years of repeated researches and efforts, we finally make a more powerful and charming pedals—TWIN Series.

Reecho Pro uses floating-point DSP chips, with new algorithm, therefore the tone is significantly improved. Reecho Pro assembles 6 delay effects and with Tap Tempo function which makes adjusting the delay time much more easier. From clean digital delay to psychedelic Galaxy Delay, we provide different musical styles with different delays choices. Moreover, we have provided three additional effects which can be added to the delay effects. Reecho Pro have separated dry and wet level control. It also equipped with high cut and low cut control, PINGPONG function, Loop function, stereo input and stereo output, preset saving function. No matter you use it in practicing or professional performance, Reecho Pro will give you a much wider space for your playing.

The Wahter

Is the Wah pedal must be in a huge size? Is it the only way to turn on/off the Wah pedal by stepping to the bottom? Does the Wah pedal have any more functions? With all these questions, we developed a new Wah pedal---The Wahter. The Wahter recreates the vocal sweep and lush harmonics of the classic wah tone while keeping the tiny size. Using high-quality electronic components, ensuring a good response to your touch and smoothness of the tone.Unique pressure sensor switch design relieves you from the traditional foot switch design, enabling you to concentrate more on the guitar playing.

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