The sound of Framus and Mooer----A nine-day national tour in China came to a happy ending. 2015/6/3
The sound of Framus and Mooer,a nine-day national tour in China has a happy ending under the lead of China's most famous guitarist Chen Lei from band "Tang Dynasty" and renowned music educator Robert from Philippines.
They have carried German's classic brand(Framus)and pedals from(Mooer) and walked through nine big cities like Beijing, Xi’an, Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou and Suzhou.
During the tour, Chen Lei and Robert performed with Mooer and Framus’s latest products. In addition, they have shared some of their own playing techniques and ideas. They have also given away beautiful gifts including Mooer

pedals which provided by the holder(Mooer audio and Warwick China)to the fans who have shown up at the show.

Chen Lei

He is the guitarist from the one of China's most famous rock band "Tang Dynasty", the founding member and lead guitarist of the best modern instrumental band in China named "Eight Hands". He is also spokesman for Mooer

and Framus Guitar. He is like his music, natural and low profile.
Chen Lei proficiently employs modern advanced guitar playing techniques like speed picking, tapping, sweep picking and whammy bar etc, in his playing. His music is so pure and fresh, natural and touching people’s heart. On

the other hand, his metal guitar part is heavy and aggressive enough. He has created countless classic riffs. His skilled techniques, the powerful playing on stage make him the model of new generation in guitar playing.


He is a renowned and experienced music educator, world-class guitarist. He is well respected in Suzhou and has brought up so many professional musicians and educators.
He used to teach Jazz improvisation in the University of Philippines. Besides teaching, Robert arranges for many big bands, String Orchestra and chorus.However, the majority of his time is spent on performing. He records albums with bands in Philippines. For 17 years, the band"Too Martch"which under his lead has been performing in many places including Asia and Europe.

Photo shots of the tour

Mooer Pedals used in the tour:

The Wahter

Is the Wah pedal must be in a huge size? Is it the only way to turn on/off the Wah pedal by stepping to the bottom? Does the Wah pedal have any more functions? With all these questions, we developed a new Wah pedal---The Wahter. The Wahter recreates the vocal sweep and lush harmonics of the classic wah tone while keeping the tiny size. Using high-quality electronic components, ensuring a good response to your touch and smoothness of the tone. Unique  pressure sensor switch design relieves you from the traditional foot switch design, enabling you to concentrate more on the guitar playing.

Green Mile
2 Working Modes:Warm/Hot
Warm: Reconstruct a warm tube drive tone and nice dynamic response of classic tube amplifier, it provides a natural, smooth, creamy overdrive sound
Hot: More powerful output than Warm mode, mighty crunch tone
Full metal shell
Very small and exquisite
True bypass

Hustle driver
Ultra wide dynamic range and extraordinary open tube-like drive sound
2 Working Modes: HP/LP
HP: High peak mode, boost up the bottom, when increasing distortion by Drive knob, you will get more volume and a slight increase in high-mid range (around 3.5KHz)
LP: Low peak mode, color up extreme little to the original sound, very nice for clean boosting
Very small and exquisite
Full metal shell
True bypass

3 Working Modes: Mod/Normal/Kill Dry
Kill Dry function for using in the parallel FX loop
Delay Time: 25ms~1000ms
Full metal shell
Very small and exquisite
True bypass

Micro DI
Modern Guitarists are not satisfied about just using the DI box as a unbalanced/balanced switch, they also prefer the DI box has a high quality cab simulator function. For this reason guitarist no longer have to worry about amps any more when performing outside. And they can also get rid of complex equipment connections, amp dialing and mic positioning in the recording session. And they can also use all frequency amps practicing at home.
Is it too greedy fro asking all of these? No, we could do that! Micro DI has not only standard XLR balanced output, ground switch, gain control, it also has the best electronic components which reduces the signal loss to the minimum and achieve a best SNR ratio.The cab simulator function had been tested countless times, it is like connecting a high quality real amp.If you already has a high quality cab simulator device, you still won't think Micro DI is unnecessary because it can turn off the cab simulator function and provide standard balanced/unbalanced switch which is used for connecting the XLR to the mixer. In general, if you have a Micro DI in your pedal collection, you can be very confident in any gig!

Micro Looper

MICRO LOOPER inherits the MINI size of MICRO SERIES. Record, playback, stop, overdub and delete, all these functions can be controlled by one single footswitch.
This gives you an easy and direct operation experience. MICRO LOOPER has up to 30 minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubbing times. You can focus on your music and need not worry about other troubles.

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