New Artist - Robert Dy Campillo a.k.a. Bogs 2015/7/3
Robert Dy Campillo a.k.a. Bogs, born in manila on October 4, 1976. Picked up the guitar at the age of 17 and started performing as a rock guitarist, performed abroad since 2000 till the present time. Robert didn't stick to rock, after 7 years of playing he switched to latin and played a nylon stringed guitar, that's also the time he begun studying classical guitar to accomodate the requirements for playing latin music, and at the same time he also studied music reading, theory, arranging and jazz guitar. He's not so fortunate to find a good teacher that time so he studied all by himself using books, videos, listening, transcribing etc... But he's lucky enough to be on the stage all the time and recieved the greatest lesson ever "the experience " aside from performing in various countries both asia and europe, Robert is also doing a lot of teaching for around 20 years now, he also taught Jazz improvisation at the University of the Philippines (top music college in the country). at the present time, Robert has been residing in Suzhou China for nearly 10 years, performing at feeling 188 and teaching at Dr. Robert music shop.

Robert is using these Mooer equipments:

The Wahter

Green Mile
Hustle Driver
Pure Boost
Micro Looper
Baby Tuner
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