Andy Irvine's Mooer Bass Pedal Set 2015/12/11
Andy Irvine is an internationally known bassist, author, and educator, and also the spokesman of Warwick BASS and MOOER PEDAL. His playing is recognized by driving bass grooves, a huge tone, ferocious soloing, diverse song writing and producing skills. Currently he resides in the high mountains of Colorado.

As a bassist and educator, he has performances around the world, including 25 countries, and the pedals has been his essential luggage. When it comes to the portable pedals, you may think about MOOER at once. Now, introduce you the pedal that the bassist uses---MOOER Bass seires.

Andy uses Mooer pedals including: Tender Octaver, Sweeper, Fog, Mod Factory, Repeater, Skyverb.

Here is Andy's show :

There is a bass sign on its right of MOOER Bass pedal, which is specially disigned to meet the bassists needs and also the first choise of mini bass pedal. Now we have five types, Thunderball, Fog, Graphic B, Sweeper and the new Ensemble Queen.

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