MOOER Ocean Machine 1.1.1 firmware update released. 2017/7/21

MOOER Ocean Machine 1.1.1 firmware update released,please check out following contents.

Bug fixes

*Wireless switch bugs fixed

* Crashing issue due to CPU clock speed fixed

* Looper playback display bugs fixed

* MIDI Thru allows all channels of MIDI code to pass through

*Looper DUB gain problems fixed

* Effect tone controls high pass/low pass bug fix

* Reverb tone and mix optimization

* Compatability with MIDI devices from various manufacturers updated

New features

* Previous operating mode stored to memory and recalled when the Ocean Machine is powered on

* Wireless footswitch operation changed

Play mode

A = Master tap tempo

B = Delay B tap tempo

C = Delay A tap tempo

D = Bypass pedal

Patch Mode

A= Detail page

B = Delay B tap tempo

C = Delay A tap tempo

D = Bypass pedal

*FREEZE on/off MIDI CC added

CC#4 = Reverb

CC#5 = Delay B

CC#6 = Delay A

* MIDI PC easy mapping added

*MIDI channel selection added

* Firmware version will now be displayed in the RESET page of the settings menu

Click here to download(Windows only )

If you have any problem, please send email to

Update instructions

You will require a USB > MIDI interface cable to complete the firmware update

1.Download the firmware update package from website

2.Extract "OM_IAP.exe" and ""

3.Connect your midi interface to the computers USB.

Connect the MIDI OUT cable to Ocean Machine's MIDI IN socket

Connect the MIDI IN cable to Ocean Machine's MIDI THRU socket

4. Press and hold the "BACK" and "SETTING" buttons on the Ocean Machine.Connect power to the Ocean Machine and do not release the buttons until the screen displays a "Loading" message

5. Open the "OM_IAP.exe" file to start the update software program Click "OpenFile"
Navigate to the "" file and open it

6.Click the "Update" button in the OM  software to download the new firmware file tothe Ocean Machine

7.When the update is complete the OM software will display a message "Updatesuccessful" and the Ocean Machine will exit the loading page and revert back to regular operation

Note: If the update procedure fails then please start again and repeat the steps in this guideTo avoid any errors please do not connect to multiple MIDI devices while updatingthe ocean machine

We recommend the following MIDI-USB cables.Both are available relatively cheap on ebay and amazon.

PROSTER (treble cleff)


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