Mooer Reverie Reverb Pedal2015/12/22
Reverb is a very common effect that exists in all the audios you know, and that’s why it can always be seen on the pedal board of most guitar players. People always would like to try some new eff…… [More+]
Andy Irvine's Mooer Bass Pedal Set2015/12/11
Andy Irvine is an internationally known bassist, author, and educator, and also the spokesman of Warwick BASS and MOOER PEDAL. His playing is recognized by driving bass grooves, a huge tone, fero…… [More+]
Macro Power 8 Ports Isolated Power Supply2015/12/11
Macro Power S8 is a pedal power supply with eight output power supply jacks, equipped with vary functions input voltage switch、independent output power jacks、over-current protection and adjusta…… [More+]
Leveline Volume Pedal2015/12/11
A volume pedal is essential for a live show of bands. It can not only adjust volume conveniently, but also create special effects, like a violin without sound head, or like a tremolo effect with …… [More+]
Ensemble Queen Bass Chorus Pedal2015/12/3
We always keep it in mind--- the needs of Bass players. From FOG、Thunderball of Fuzz to Filter of Sweeper, nowadays, there is a new choice for your Pedal Board--- Ensemble Queen, the Bass Chorus…… [More+]
Baby Water Acoustic Guitar Delay & Chorus Pedal2015/12/3
This is Mooer new product---Baby Water, specially designed for those who love acoustic guitar. With high quality digital effect platform, you can get pure chorus or delay effect by gear rotary …… [More+]
MOOER GE100 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor2015/9/15
GE100 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor is a brand new release in Mooer’s Multi-Effects Processor product line. By using a completely new digital planform, GE100 will provide you with the most auth…… [More+]
2015 MOOER ShangHai Music China2015/9/14
MUSICCHINA 2015 BoothNumber: E5E52 ExhibitionDate: 14th – 17th October,2015 PerformanceTime Chen Lei Du QicongJose De Castro14th – 15th16th – 17th14th – 17th11:00 – 11:3011:00 –&n…… [More+]
Varimolo Digital Tremolo Pedal2015/9/10
Perhaps it is more appropriate to name it “psychedelic”. Yes, we are talking about the tremolo effect. From the hippies' love and peace 60's to the small pub blues and to the wild and …… [More+]
WoodVerb Acoustic Guitar Reverb Pedal2015/9/7
If you are an Acoustic Guitar Player and are tired of the monotonous sound that comes out from your guitar and have the passion that nothing less than an electric guitar player — OK, t…… [More+]
New Artist - Devin Townsend2015/7/31
Devin Townsend, Steven Wilson, Mikael Akerfeldt,...National treasures for the elations of their metal nations, they are.The word genius shouldn’t be thrown around too lightly, but these cats are…… [More+]
Jose De Castro Demonstrates The Three Wah Modes Of The Wahter2015/7/28
Hello guys, this is Jose De Castro and iwant to show you this new pedal from mooer. This is a wah pedal, always keepingits micro pedals' Line. Small pedals that you can wear everywhere. The Wahte…… [More+]
Mooer Has Released the Second Generation Flight Case- Firefly M62015/7/23
Mooer has always strived to enhance the portability of our pedals and for this reason, we have successfully developed the second generation of Mooer Flight Case-Firefly M6 as well as its little b…… [More+]
New Artist - Jaimi Faulkner2015/7/10
Mix great song-writing, incredible guitar playing, a warm soulful voice and irresistible live performance and you’ll get Jaimi Faulkner, a young multi-talented Australian, who is a professional g…… [More+]
2015 Mooer Pedals Demonstration in Argentina, second meeting!2015/7/10
During June 18th & 19th, TodoMusica,our exclusive distributor in  Argentina had celebrated their R2/2015 withmany brand activities and new proposals for more than 100 important dealers of…… [More+]
New Artist - Robert Dy Campillo a.k.a. Bogs2015/7/3
Robert Dy Campillo a.k.a. Bogs, born in manila on October 4, 1976. Picked up the guitar at the age of 17 and started performing as a rock guitarist, performed abroad since 2000 till the present ti…… [More+]
The sound of Framus and Mooer----A nine-day national tour in China came to a happy ending.2015/6/3
The sound of Framus and Mooer,a nine-day national tour in China has a happy ending under the lead of China's most famous guitarist Chen Lei from band "Tang Dynasty" and renowned music educator Rob…… [More+]
Guitarist ChenLei from the Band “Tang Dynasty” becomes Mooer’s brand spokesman2015/4/29
Guitarist ChenLei, from one of the most famous Chineserock bands “Tang Dynasty”, has officially signed up with Mooer audio and becomeone of Mooer’s brand spokesmen. He is the first Chinese arti…… [More+]
2015 Mooer Pedals Demonstration in Argentina2015/4/2
In March, 2015, TodoMusica, Argentina distributorof Mooer, had hold a demonstration of Mooer’s products. During the demonstration, over 150 dealersin Argentina had got a chance to familiarize Moo…… [More+]
In March 2015 The Deli’s Stompbox Exhibit – a free, interactive, in-the-headphones display of guitar effectpedals – will travel to Austin for its second official involvement in the SXSW’…… [More+]
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