These analog modules are complemented well by a multi-modulation pedal and a digital ambience engine, simply named SPACE.

Which consists of a high quality digital delay and a stereo reverb.Both of these digital modules are fully controllable by the

dedicated tap tempo control footswitch.When used in conjunction with the integrated loop switcher,

BLACK TRUCK can very easily be programmed to provide one step presets.

Main Features

  • 6 effects pedals built into 1 simple unit. Compressor, Overdrive, Distortion, EQ, modulation, Delay/Reverb
  • Full-featured controls for each effect
  • Built-in precision guitar tuner
  • Tap tempo synchronization
  • Integrated effects loop for connecting external pedals or 4 cable method connection with an amplifier
  • Stereo outputs
  • Dedicated direct output with speaker simulation and an independent volume
  • control for connection to a mixing desk, computer or headphones
  • Includes a carry case for easy transportation




Designed exclusively for the BLACK TRUCK, this analog distortion circuit delivers ‘amp-like’ distortion with buckets of gain on tap. Perfect for all of your hard rock and heavy metal needs.

The MID switch toggles between humped and scooped mids. When combined with the TWEAK control, which adjusts the shape and feel of the lower frequencies, this effect block becomes incredibly versatile for many different musical applications.
Since this pedal has soooooo much gain range, we also incorporated a built-in noise gate just for this block. In case you want to get crazy with the saturation. Due to the nature of the noise gate circuit, not only does it attenuate unwanted hiss, but it also adds yet another slight variation in the tonal palette of this brilliant distortion module.

BLACK TRUCK has 6 stompbox style effect modules and a built in precision tuner.

  1. COMP:Based on one of MOOER’s most popular and useful micro pedals
  2. OD:A modified GREEN MILE circuit, the DRIVE module of Redtruck is a warm and natural analog overdrive circuit with a distinct hump in the mids.
  3. HI-GAIN:Designed exclusively for the BLACK TRUCK, this analog distortion circuit delivers hi-gain amp like distortion which is perfect for all of your hard rock and metal needs.
  4. EQ:An analog Equalizer based on the MOOER GRAPHIC G.
  5. MOD:A digital multi-modulation unit which brings together tremolo, phaser and flanger.
  6. SPACE:A high quality digital delay and stereo reverb module.

Technical Parameters

Input: 1/4" audio jack cable (impedance 2MΩ)
Output: 1/4" audio jack cable x2 (impedance 100Ω)
Headphones: 1/8" stereo jack x1 (50Ω)
Power supply: 9V DC 1A (1000mA)(negative inside positive)
Size: 370 mm (D) X 96 mm (W) X 51 mm (H)
Weight: 1.23Kg
Attachment: Owner’s Manual ,Carry Case

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